Want to train smart for the City to the Sea Half Marathon? Set goals

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Are you signed up for the City to the Sea half-marathon? Do you have other races coming up that you’re preparing for? Sometimes, even with a race as a goal, it can be easy to lose motivation. If a race is still a few months away, in particular, it may be easy to lose sight of your end objective– running your fastest race.

Even elite runners struggle with motivation and training discipline. To help keep you on fire, and to help your training program stay on track, follow our simple tips to keep you motivated, strong, and mentally sharp.

Map out goals in increments. Your end goal is to run a PR at the City to the Sea race in October, right? October, however, is still a long way off, so try setting monthly, weekly, and daily goals. For example, complete a specific track workout with faster splits every week.

Run with a group. Running by yourself has a time and place, but to really improve, try running with a group that has a mix of runners – running with faster runners will amp up your motivation, and the miles fly by when you’re chatting!

Quality over quantity. The quality of each run matters more than just logging miles. If you can only fit in a few runs a week, make each run count – focus on speed during one run, for example, and a long miles on another run.

Keep a running log. It’s such a simple thing – just write down your mileage, time, and some notes on how you felt. You’ll be amazed at how motivating it can be to keep a log – particularly after you’ve had a great workout. Putting it down on paper is a reward that will keep you motivated throughout your training cycle.

Cross-training will help keep you from burnout. If your training plan calls for running every day, or almost every day, you may start to dread your workouts. To keep you from getting burned-out, incorporate cross-training into your routine. Cycling, swimming, weights, or even a good hike will help keep your cardio system strong, and you’ll use other muscles so that your running muscles can recover.

Are you looking for more coaching tips?

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Make sure to register for the 2012 City to the Sea race, and good luck with your motivation and training!

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