Motivation for the fast: winning times and course records

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We’re proud of the fact that City to the Sea has become such a great race for top-level athletes and beginning runners and walkers alike. Everyone has different goals depending on their life situation, running history and other factors. If you’re already a competitive runner with ample training, check out the winning times and course records below from past winners. These runners have set the bar high, but there is always room for someone new at the top so get inspired, get out there and get it done!

Note: the course was changed in 2007, so this list only includes the times and records for the current course (the one you’ll be running). Pre-running the course is best, but if you can’t make it out beforehand be sure to check out our Mile-by-Mile blog posts for race tips on each section of the course!

[table type=”striped” cols=”Men, Women” data=”2007 Robert Heugly age 34 from Hanford CA 1:13:19, 2007 Katie Layman age 24 from Martinez CA 1:22:56, 2008 Chris Stehula age 24 from San Luis Obispo CA 1:15:03, 2008 Chelsea Golliher age 22 San Luis Obispo CA 1:25:57, 2009 Jameson Mora age 25 Arroyo Grande CA 1:10:22 (course record), 2009 Susan Nuzum age 43 Boulder CO 1:23:49, 2010 Brain Engleton age 30 San Luis Obispo CA 1:11:25, 2010 Kimberly Williams age 23 San Rafael CA 1:20:53, 2011 Brian Engleton age 31 San Luis Obispo CA 1:16:35, 2011 Linda Smith age 50 Arroyo Grande CA 1:21:58, 2012 Ken Rhoades age 38 Merced CA 1:14:44, 2012 Linda Smith age 51 Arroyo Grande CA 1:16:55 (course record)“]

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