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Mile-by-Mile Section 3: Ontario Road and Monte Road

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City to the Sea courseThe third installment of Mile-by-Mile comes from Jameson Mora. Jameson is one of San Luis Obispo’s top local runners and currently holds the course record for City to the Sea (1:10:22 in 2009).

No matter your pace – whether you’re looking for a course record, a podium finish, or your personal best – Jameson’s expertise and tips will prove valuable as you enter the second half of the course.

Here’s what he has to say:

In my opinion to race a good half marathon the race doesn’t really start until mile 9 or 10. This is particularity true on the City to Sea course since there are a few pretty big hills at the end.

Treat this 4.5-7.5 mile stage more like a tempo run – keep it at a steady and relaxed effort. Basically, this is not the point in the race for any heroics.

There are some small rolling hills in this section of the course, and the way I like to approach hills is to just keep putting out the same effort as you would on flat road until a few meters from the top – then put in a small surge. The idea is get the momentum going as quickly as possible and make the most of the downhill that follows. Keep in mind that, despite the small hills, this section of the course is a net downhill – so some of your mile splits could be a few ticks fast!

-Jameson Mora, 2009 City to the Sea Half Marathon men’s winner

Mile-by-Mile is a blog series designed to help runners prepare for the race by offering descriptions and tips for each section of the course. These anecdotes come from actual City to the Sea runners with varied backgrounds and finishing times.

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