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Running shoes: making sense of what’s on the shelf

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There are millions of different running shoes out there! Okay maybe not millions, but there might as well be. Wading through all the styles and sizes and colors can be a daunting task for beginners and veterans alike. So how do you sift through it all to find the holy grail of footwear?

Shopping for shoes is very different than shopping for anything else because there are so many companies that make very high quality, specialized products. When you’re in a specialty running store such as Running Warehouse, you can bet that every shoe on the shelf is well-made. Knowing that, you can focus on finding the best shoe for your unique needs.

You need a shoe that is built for the type of surface you’ll be running on, matches your running style, and fits. Oh, and it also needs to look good. Luckily for you, the good folks at Running Warehouse have put together a series of great videos that explain what to look for when buying your next pair. So instead of writing a novel for you (though it would have been the best shoe novel ever written), I’ll just direct you to the videos below:



Foot Strike:

For more resources on finding the perfect shoes and other helpful running knowledge, check out the Running Warehouse Learning Center.

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