Classic City to the Sea Pacing Characters

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Pace group leaders at City to the Sea are notoriously incredulous creatures. They parade about in ridiculous getups of various themes, unashamed of their crazy looks. In fact, City to the Sea pacers are quite proud of their costumes. Pacer costumes have become a tradition over the years, something runners can look forward to (or not, depending on your perspective). Here is a list of some of our past favorites:

Awkward, elusive, and apparently quite fast. Most people were not able to find him, but the lucky few who did ended up with a very respectable finish time! Will he appear again this year? Definitely, maybe.


bavarianman150Bavarian Man
With a fully traditional approach to athletics, this character will not change out of lederhosen for anything, no matter how much chafing it may cause. Watch out for this character on-course and if he appears to be running awkwardly, offer him some vaseline and move away quickly.


unknown150Whatever this is
We’re not really sure what this is. Cowboy? Safari expedition leader? One thing is for sure, this character rocks neon spandex like no one else. While this particular costume may not reappear, the man behind it surely will. And you can bet he’ll be as entertaining as ever.


This friendly farm creature is a classic pacing character. The suit may look hot, and that’s because it is. But hey, it’s just another demonstration of the dedication these pace group leaders have for making City to the Sea a fun and memorable experience. A side note: the udders can be very distracting, so if you see the cow be sure to keep your eyes on the road.


bumblebee150Bumble Bee
Though her “eyes” are quite large, this colorful insect is one of the more stylish pacing characters, eschewing the shock and awe technique of other characters for a sleek, two-tone design. We’ve had no reports of on-course stings but it’s probably best to play it safe, so keep your distance while passing.


This joyous character can be found near the back of the pack, cheerfully cruising along and just enjoying the day. If you see the turtle on the course this year, be sure to give her a high five.


No one really knows what odd assortment of characters will appear at the starting line in just a few weeks. But you can guarantee they’ll be standing out. And hey, if you’re one of the many people who use pacers to help you achieve your goals, don’t hesitate to give these awesome volunteers a hearty thanks. By the nature of their costumes they are not quite unsung heroes, but they appreciate the extra attention nonetheless.

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