Looking for a New Weekend Run?

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Getting out on the weekends can be difficult if you aren’t sure where to find a trail. Here are some apps to help you find a new trial and keep running fun.

Apps for Changing Up Your Routine


Strava features a fully enhanced GPS tracking service and also allows you to add friends to show their recent runs. You can compete with friends in challenges, such as fastest half marathon or most miles during a 30-day period. It also features runs that have been done in the area if you aren’t sure how long a run might be or are looking for a new trail. It also allows a leaderboard of these saved runs over specific hills, roads or trails to compare your times.


Map My Run

Map My Run is useful if you’re exploring new cities or areas for new trails. You can load your own trails or look up other well trafficked running areas to ensure you’re not running along a dangerous roadway. It leads you along your trail on the screen so you do not get lost. It also splits your miles up and shows you your mile time on average, as well as individual miles.



Localeikki allows you to receive suggestions on routes around you. It even allows you to know the surface, traffic volume, and restroom facilities along the way. This also avoids the awkwardness of choosing a trail that starts in front of someone’s house, as a lot of crowd-sourced routes often do.


Apps Perfect for Training

Nike Running App

Nike Running App is useful if you want a straight-forward running app. If running outdoors, it creates a trail of where you ran and the speed variations with green, yellow, and red indicators. It also calibrates when running indoors with a chart of the same idea. You can also add friends and compete with them during the months to see who has logged the most miles. The app also offers different challenges you can set for yourself or pick from their list. The other cool feature is you can set it to give you cheers from your Facebook friends. When you set off for your run, it will post a status about you starting and whenever anyone likes or comments, you will get applause to keep you going. If that’s not for you, the app itself will award you with badges for various things such as running multiple days in a row or more than two months in a row.


Couch to 5k

This app is great if you’re just starting out. It prevents you from overdoing things too soon. It paces out a plan for you over 9 weeks to ensure you avoid injury. It sets up three workouts a week for you and while running, there are verbal cues about your workout. Time and distance is GPS tracked and can be logged into active.com. With recent features, you can train and interact with friends via comments and a newsfeed. This company also features a half marathon trainer!


My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal is great beyond the running. It allows you to track your diet as well as exercise. It also shows a breakdown of your diet with measurements of fat, protein, carbohydrates, and sugar when you log your food. This is great to keep all your workouts, not just running, and your nutrition in one place.


Apps to Keep Your Motivation

Charity Miles

If you’re running the City to the Sea Half Marathon, you must know that it is a fundraiser for Cuesta Athletics. So why not also fundraise while training? Charity Miles allows you to donate 25 cents for every mile ran to a participating charity list that you choose.


Treadmill Trails

Sometimes with busy lives it becomes difficult to go out running during regular hours. Or maybe you want to combine your cardio with your strength workout. One way to do this without falling into a rut is to use treadmill trails. This app has trail runs shot with a Steadicam to allow you to “run” trails around the country in the comfort of your own home or at the gym.


Zombies, RUN!

When you find it hard to be motivated while running, this is the app for you. This app makes running a game to play. When you go our for your run, it will create a storyline for your run and tell you when you need to run faster. It also allows you to collect “gear” and “supplies” to protect and build your base. This is a great and fun app for those who need a little extra motivation.


Apps for Safety

React Mobile

With three simple buttons, React Mobile allows you to virtually have your friends watch out for you when you are out on runs. This can be important if running out in the dark or even in a foreign area. It allows your selected contacts to be able to track your motion in real time to ensure that you are safe out on your runs. It can also contact 911 in case of emergencies, as well as notifies you loved ones.


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