Time to Start Training!

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Below you will find examples to find the training schedule fit for you. However, you might want to start soon since Race Day is only 74 days away! Average training schedules are 10-14 weeks long, so now is the time to get ready to go.

When it comes to training, it is important to have a training schedule that is oriented to your own abilities. Here are some great resources to help you set a schedule to get you ready for the City to the Sea Half Marathon.

Runner’s World Go

This site makes it really simple to find a plan that works for you. Based on what your training goal is, what your running level is, how many weeks you are training for and how many miles you are prepared to run in a week.

Available for Purchase in the Runner’s World Go for $2.99 or on the Training Peaks for $24.99, which has a ton of extra perks like updates on your next workout, ability to upload workouts from other training devices, ability to compare your actual workout to your planned workout, nutrition tracking and support and answers on the message boards, plus more!
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Hal Higdon

Sometimes paying for a training app seems excessive, so if free is more your speed, try this site. It even has a training plan for walking a half marathon. Although you can get a more interactive version of this training program, it does cost a bit. So if you’re looking for more of an outline on how many miles to run per day plus a little detailing on what to do each day, this is your site.
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Nike Running App

If you’ve already downloaded the Nike Running App, you know how useful it is but, did you know there was a coaching option within the app already? If you go to the “Coach” tab it will open up a selective list to train for a 5k, 10k, Half Marathon and a Marathon. Simply select it and go. If you head online to look through app resources there are even pages dedicated to helping you find your starting pace. The best part is if you have already started using this app, it sets recommendations based on your running past. It’s also free to use which is a huge plus.
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Other Basic Training Tips

  • Remember that most of these plans assume you have somewhat of a starting base of 15 to 20 miles per week. Trying to jump into training without some prior preparation is an overtraining injury waiting to happen.
  • Always check the training plan very carefully to be ensure that it fits your personal schedule. You need to trust yourself when you know you won’t make a certain number of miles per day or week.
    Ensure that you are doing quality runs over quantity. Such as varying your week with base maintenance runs, which keep your miles up and help keep you limber, with tempo runs and long runs.
  • Cross Training is also key during training. This can be useful on your off days, keeping up with aerobic, but low impact training can help you maintain your running fitness. Light resistance training targeting core and upper body can even help you maintain running form that will help fight off fatigue.
  • Find some support! Pair up or team up with a group to train with. There’s that extra motivation to roll out of bed on training days if you know someone is counting on you to show up.
  • Research the drinks or gel that you plan to use during the race. Ensure that you know how your body reacts to those before race day. City to the Sea Half Marathon offers water at miles 2, 4, 7, 10, and 12. FLUID and GU will be offered at Mile 4, 7, 10. Porta potties will be stationed at miles 2, 4, 7, 10 and of course the start and finish.

Finally, and most importantly, Do not forget to rest. Your body needs to rebuild and repair in between runs. Skipping rest days can lead to injury which could impair your ability to complete the half marathon. Take care of your body, listen to it and trust when it asks for a rest day.

Happy Training!
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