Drop Bag and Pick Up

City to the Sea is a point-to-point course. That’s why we provide a drop bag transportation service to make sure you have any personal items you might need at the finish line. Common items include a change of clothes and/or shoes and important personal effects. When you leave your drop bag with the attendant, remove one of the tear-off numbers from your bib. This will be stapled to your bag for easy sorting after the race.

Drop Bags at Start

There will be a U-Haul truck near the start line in downtown San Luis Obispo. It will be marked by a visible “Drop Bag” teardrop banner. Be sure to leave your drop bag with an attendant at the van. They will make sure it’s waiting for you at the finish line.

Drop Bags at Finish

At the finish line, look for a sectioned off area with a teardrop banner that reads “Drop Bag Pickup.” This area will be very close to the finish line so you can grab your bag right away. After you have your bag, head on over to the breakfast tent for some grub, browse your way through the vendors and enjoy the live music!