On Course

There will be five aid stations throughout the half marathon course. All will offer water, while three will also have FLUID Performance and restrooms.


Water stations will be placed at miles two, four, seven, ten, and twelve. Water will be distributed by volunteers in small cups. If runners are carrying their own bottles, they may also fill them at these stations. Please place all cups in the trash or recycle bins provided.


FLUID is a San Luis Obispo-based sports nutrition company that specializes in making clean, all-natural drinks for during and after exercise. FLUID’s during exercise drink, FLUID Performance, will be available on course at miles four, seven and ten. Fluid has a full electrolyte profile and not overly sweet.


Restrooms (port-a-potties) will be stationed on the course at miles two, four, seven, and ten. There will also be restrooms available at the starting line and at the finish expo. Please give yourself plenty of time to use the restroom before the race, as they are usually in high demand.