Traffic and Runner Safety

Help us put on the best event possible while helping yourself and others enjoy the day! Please always be respectful of other runners, volunteers and race organizers. Remember, we’re all here to have fun!

Pre-Race Etiquette

  • Pin your bib number on the FRONT of your shirt so we can see it. Tie the computer chip onto your shoe.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to use the restrooms in the morning and be courteous with others in line.
  • California Highway Patrol, San Luis Obispo Police and course monitoring volunteers will be prevalent throughout the course. To help us provide the safest event possible, we ask that all participants and vehicles strictly adhere to the direction of these officials.

During-Race Etiquette

  • Do not run through the finish chute more than once. This causes inaccurate times and delays results.
  • Stay to the side of the road throughout the race and give others plenty of space to run, especially when making passes.
  • Please be courteous to aid station volunteers – they are donating their time to make the race possible.

Post-Race Etiquette

  • Do NOT go back and run in with a friend if you’ve already gone through the chute. This causes inaccurate times and delays results.
  • After finishing, head to the awards area, get your breakfast and relax with your family and friends!

Notices on Road Closures

Select streets from Higuera Street, in downtown San Luis Obispo, through streets in Pismo Beach will be subject to closure as racers make their way through the course.

For the safety of the estimated 2000 runners, we request that you find alternate routes during race day. The course will be staffed by the San Luis Obispo Police Department and California Highway Patrol and Pismo Police Department, who will be directing traffic and runners, as well as by Cuesta College staffed course marshals and volunteers.

Safety Tips

Our goal is to make sure everyone has a great time, runs fast, and most of all, stays safe on the course. Please read our safety tips below. In our years of organizing this race, we’ve learned a few lessons along the way, so please follow our guidelines to help you have the best race day possible.

  1. Always stay within the cones: The course will be prominently marked with orange safety cones and traffic barricades. Please stay to the right, or between, the cones, unless prompted by a course official, at all times while running.
  2. Listen to course marshals and volunteers: Course marshals and volunteers, staged frequently along the course and wearing orange safety vests, are trained to help keep you safe and secure. Listen carefully to the course marshals and volunteers, who will be directing you where to go.
  3. Stay to the right of the road and move across when prompted: This is NOT a CLOSED COURSE, cars are allowed. To ensure your safety stay to the right of the road or in the bike lane and if you’re asked to move across the street by a volunteer or course marshal, move where, and only when, they direct you.
  4. Always heed to CHP and SLO PD: The California Highway Patrol and San Luis Obispo Police Department will be located at major intersections and other strategic points throughout the City to the Sea course. They are there to help keep the course safe at all times. ALWAYS listen to their instructions—as they will be managing traffic for your benefit and directing runners for your safety.
  5. Follow all traffic signs when posted: Traffic signs will be posted frequently throughout the race designating runner to “stay to your right” and “cars to the left”. Always adhere to the posted and California State regulated signage to keep a clear division between possible car traffic and roadways used by runners.
  6. Stay Hydrated: The race starts early enough to beat the midday heat, but it’s still critical to hydrate often. Dehydration can sneak up on you quickly if you are not careful. Take water or FLUID electrolyte drink from every aid station you pass, just to be on the safe side.