Volunteering at a race is a wonderful way to support your local runners and it’s fun! Family members, runners taking a day off, clubs and friends getting together – there are many reasons to volunteer and we love them all.

We have opportunities to volunteer at packet pickup, at the start line, at the finish expo, and at all aid stations along the course. We’ll also need people to help setup before the event and clean up after. If you’re interested in volunteering at City to the Sea and becoming part of an amazing event on the Central Coast, please let us know! We’ll find a job for you! To connect with us, please email city2thesea@gmail.com.

Standard Procedures for City to the Sea Volunteers

During Race Procedures

  • 1. The primary responsibilities of each volunteer is to advise motorists of the following:
    • a. Advise the motorist that a running race on South Higuera is in progress, between Osos Street in San Luis Obispo, along frontage streets to Dinosaur Caves Park in Pismo Beach.
    • b. Ask the motorist what their intended direction of travel is.
    • c. Advise the motorist to drive slowly and cautiously, alert to the event runners and to turn on their vehicle headlights.
    • d. Advise the motorist to obey all race officials and police officers stationed along the race course.
    • e. Thank the motorist for their cooperation.
    • For motorists attempting to gain access to South Higuera between 6:30 and 8:30 a.m. Advise them all roads intersecting downtown will be closed between 6:30 and 8:30 a.m.
    • For motorist attempting to gain access to South Higuera. Access can be made from the Northbound Hwy 101, exit 198, Higuera Street.
    • For motorists attempting to gain access to residences along Ontario Road and Monte Road an address for these locations must be provided to gain access.
    • For those living on these routes, advise the motorists of items 1 (a) through 1 (e) above.
    • For those who cannot show proof of residence on these routes, access must be denied. If their wish is to go all the way through on South Higuera past Los Osos Valley Road they must choose an alternate route.
    • Persons claiming the need for emergency access issues, volunteers should contact a California Highway Patrol officer for response or escort for access.
    • Volunteers must not attempt to prevent access by standing in the way of the vehicle (or other methods) that may put the individual at risk.
    • If an aggressive or abusive motorist fails to follow your directions, remain at your assigned position and advise either a police officer or event coordinator of the situation.
    • Do not, under any circumstances, attempt to physically restrain a motorist unwilling to follow your directions.2.Barricade volunteers will have to handle the following traffic control matters: